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About us


Сотрудники компании UFO


Our mission: To become a worldwide trade mark, conducting useful activities for the environment, humankind and it's future.

«UFO Ukraine" has operated for over seven years in household and industrial appliances industry in Ukraine and it is an exclusive representative and importer of NNR company (Turkey, Istanbul) the producer of UFO Infrared heaters from 2002. UFO heaters are also available in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.

UFO has more than 30 years of success story worldwide.

Since 2004 a relevant expansion of the company has started in Ukrainian and Russian market with agreements with relevant and key players such as: (Epicentre, New Line, Fokstrot).
In order to enhance and further develop the business, "UFO Ukraine" is constantly increasing its dealers network resulting in increased market share both in total distribution and weighted distribution.

Today "Ufo Ukraine" proudly counts over 1.000 partners (sales points\enterprises) which are located in all regions of Ukraine (see more detailed information at the dealers' map).
Furthermore, our modern trade (chains) partners are: Epicenter, New Line, OLDI, OBI, COMFY, Eldorado, ABC-Technics, Praktiker, Mega-Max, Technopolis, Technoyarmarok, Karavan and others)

We enhance business relationships based on reciprocal partnership "vision". In particular, our main principles are: long-term relationships, based on trust and mutual benefit, effective information exchange with protection of privacy, mutual carrying-out of obligations, and also confidence of partner's clients and partners in quality of product and service.


Every year UFO company expands its assortment portfolio and model lines and can therefore meet the most challenging demands.

UFO has a complete range of products for all seasons. In summer range ionizers, ventilators and climate control systems are represented. In winter range - and also full line of light heaters and convectors, which can be used at home as well as for industrial purposes.


UFO operations represent a successful track record in Ukraine! Our production facilities in Simferopol, new products research & development, UFO academy contribute to such success which allows UFO to be market leader in heating equipment with a share of 33%.

Furthermore, the turnover has regularly increased, more than doubled in the last few years
In order to increase customer loyalty and sales of UFO products from 2006 a powerful marketing support is run through various channels of communication with our customers - from television commercials to the effective P.O.S material available to each outlet and point of sell.


UFO company plays an active role in social responsibility projects. From year to year, helping municipal hospitals, orphanages and works with a number of charitable organizations ("Dzvony Chornobilya", "Ukraine! I'm for you ", etc.).

The staff of the company has been growing annually on 25-30%, at the same time developing professionally, and personally , as well as in career. Our team of professionals searches new possibilities for developing business and corporate culture, creating an inspiring working environment, where every employee feels responsibility for the results of the company's performance and its reputation.