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UFO TYY in industry


UFO TYY - промышленный обогреватель


Model Power




Price without
of the leg
UFO TYY 5400 5400 48x66x13 54 40 3640 0 48
UFO TYY 6600 6600 48x79x13 66 45 4030 0 48
UFO TYY 7800 7800 48x100x13 78 55 4180 0 48
UFO TYY 9000 9000 48x100x13 90 60 4370 0 48



UFO light panels (TYY series) are specially designed for industrial opened and half-opened premises, as well as for public places. The device can be mounted at the ceiling and walls of that part of the place which has to be heated.

Our company's wide experience and innovative technologies allowed to create the unique device for industrial objects heating.


Промышленный обогрев Промышленный обогрев

Infrared electric heaters are noise- and vibration-free. Since no combustion residues are released at operation, no additional ventilation system is required. As no air movement is required to improve heat transfer, no dust and other atmospheric impurities circulate in the heated premises.


Промышленный обогрев Промышленный обогрев

The devise use is not limited with heating only - UFO TYY heaters are used both for industrial projects heating and as integral part of various technical and technological processes.

Scope of application: UFO TYY are optimal for heating:


  • Warehouse premises;
  • Industrial and production facilities;
  • Production equipment;
  • Indoors and outdoors working areas;
  • Agricultural facilities;
  • Historical buildings, museums and churches;
  • Zone heating of railway stations and airports;
  • Sport facilities;
  • Concert halls


Also TYY heaters are currently used in such technical and technological processes as:


  • Drying of the premises damaged from floods;
  • Prevention of coal freezing to conveyor when transporting it to the oven;
  • Painted surfaces drying;
  • Surface heating before filling cement application in automobile industry;
  • Sand heating in construction works;
  • Floor heating before tile paving;
  • Aerocrete production;
  • Woodworking industry;
  • Pulp-and-paper industry;
  • Pipelines heating to prevent milk freezing;



Промышленный обогрев Промышленный обогрев