UFO - выбор года 2010
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Many start-up companies dream of becoming a market leader and thus put this objective on the first place. Nevertheless, it is only one of hundreds, and sometimes of thousands becomes the leader. UFO Company may share the secret of how to achieve such height, as a unique company for the conservative market of thermotechnics, which built its marketing platform on the basis of innovations.


Sometimes consumers associate some products with a certain trademark so much that its name gradually transforms into a common noun, this way it happened with Xerox and Pampers. At the moment, the same thing happens to UFO trademark - more and more Ukrainians begin to use the name of the brand as the name of an infrared heater. I dare say that this is the most striking evidence of company's leadership. In major cases only the company, which was able to win a place in the consumer's mind may be called a leader.

If to prove the undisputed leadership of UFO company in the market of thermotechnics you need more facts, then it should be mentioned that in 2 years the company became a leader in the sales of convectors, having left behind it's nearest competitor, by increasing sales 2,5 times during one year.


A broad range of activities - from a stable long-term business planning to the foundation of a corporate university - UFO Academy, helped to reach such results. The main target which was set by company's managment at the establishment of UFO Academy was the optimization of employees' work and the enhancement of their professional skills, as well as the development of their personal qualities. The results were immediate, today company's employees are a team of professionals, ready to work effectively with the full understanding of their responsibilities in a dynamically changing environment, in the atmosphere of cohesion and cooperation.


All these efforts have been made with one purpose - to create an innovative high-quality product that will fully satisfy customer's needs.


Qualitative development of the enterprise - is not only the way to the top, but the keeping of leadership position as well. The company plans both the improvement of allready existing product range and the introduction of new innovative products. "It is important for us to be leaders in the segment always. The goal which is set for the company - is to become number one in the heaters segment", says Sergey Syzonenko managing director of UFO, - "The company faces the challenge of creating not only a product of high quality, but an innovative one, for our consumers could feel the joy and inspiration during the exploitation of each product of UFO product line".


The loyalty to the company products is growing from year to year. However, we should not forget that in today's such a veriable and dynamic environment the saying of Lewis Carroll that - "It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!" is the most relevant one. UFO company is guided by this principle, and in the nearest future it will present us with new innovative products of the highest quality .