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Recommendations for use

First, you need to detect how easy the room can be heated, where you are planning to use UFO device, i.e., you need to check the heat-insulation quality in the premise. If you can manage to heat this room under normal conditions, then the room is insulated well. But if you can not provide sufficient heating of the room, then there is a problem with its insulation. Having determined the quality of insulation, we can start choosing UFO device from the brochure.


Premise: habitable room, area: 20 m2.

According to the brochure, two models of UFO are suitable under normal conditions and good thermal insulation: C/22 or UFO L/23.

With the insufficient heat insulation, a more powerful model shall be used.

UFO power consumption may vary depending on the specific conditions of its use (dwelling room, office etc) and depending on UFO model, when UFO model choice is correct.
E.g.: If 1800 W device is applied to heat the area of 18 m2, and the thermostat is used at that, then the heater daily average operation time is 8 hours, i.e. 1/3 of a day. It corresponds to 14.4 KW per day. This value multiplied by price of 1KW of electric power will give the cost of one operation day of the device. With the price of 1KW UAH: 0.24 one operation day of the heater will be equal:

Cost of one operation day = 14,4KW х UAH: 0.24 = UAH: 3.46 per day.
If UFO device is purposed to heat open-air areas or rooms with the insufficient heat-insulation, the power consumption will vary depending on a model.



Рекомендации по использованию
Рекомендации по использованию


Note: If you are going to use the device in the above specified places, please consult the nearest UFO dealer. He will provide you all the required assistance for the best solution in your special case.

1. Using an air heating radiator you miss the chance to control the temperature. The radiator heats the upper part of the room first, after that the cold air starts moving in the lower part. Furthermore, the air heating radiator burns oxygen. In order to heat the room up to 20° C, power consumption of the heater increases in several times.


2. Floor electric heating systems. As you see from the animation, the temperature begins to fall from the floor towards the ceiling. This system prevents from the temperature control. Besides that, installation and maintenance of such systems require great resources, so its use is inappropriate in many cases.


3. With the infrared heating the warmth is coming from the upper part downwards, unlike other systems. The heating is directional; what means that the heat is directed where it is needed. A full heating starts 27 seconds after the heater is switched on. Due to this fact the operating costs are significantly reduced. The thermostat installed on the device and purposed for the temperature adjusting enables the additional saving. Two examples are provided hereby with the premises, which are difficult to be heated.


To heat the indoor shop (area: 1000 m2, ceilings height: 5 m and considerable heat losses) UFO system installation will cost 20-50 times cheaper and its maintenance - 10-30 times cheaper. To heat cultic buildings UFO system installation will cost 50-100 times cheaper and its maintenance (when operating costs are used reasonably) will be reduced in 100-150 times, depending on the building particularities and the system specific character.