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UFO at home

IR heaters are the multipurpose devices. They fit perfectly for effective heating of flats, houses, offices and cottages. They are also good for use in the often ventilated and aerated rooms. They are absolutely harmless and in particular cases even useful for human health. IR heaters do not burn dust, do not affect humidity of the air and do not reduce oxygen concentration. Light rays of UFO heaters prevent from dampness and malignant bacteria.


UFO для дома UFO для дома


UFO system's advantages:


  • Warms like the sun.
  • Warms effectively, no harm for health.
  • Transfers heat 82 % more effectively than other systems.
  • Instantly warms the places where beams fall.
  • Doesn't burn oxygen, doesn't cause headache.
  • Doesn't burn dust particles in the air, doesn't produce any odour.
  • Prevents dampness and creates healthy atmosphere indoors.
  • Cheap installation and use.
  • Easy mounting; it can be installed on a wall, a ceiling or on an aluminum telescopic leg.
  • Transfers heat in the shortest possible time (about 27 seconds).
  • First of all it warms the most important things: people and objects.
  • Warms deeply and smoothly.
  • Heat is transferred by infra-red radiation; therefore it isn't influenced by wind or drafts.
  • This heater gives the possibility to direct and to control heat.
  • Unlike the heating systems working on wood, coal, oil products, natural and liquefied gas, this heater is safe from inflammability and poisoning with carbonic monoxide.
  • Infra-red radiation prohibits bacteria and microorganisms growth; providing thus a healthy atmosphere.
  • Provides health and vivacity.



UFO для дома UFO для дома