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UFO for business

In connection with increased prices for energy resources, new heating systems assume ever greater importance. UFO heating system is just the right system to provide the healthy, efficient and low-consumption local heating, as far as it doesn't use air as a heat carrier, heating the objects instead, reducing thus power consumption and saving your funds.

Scope of application:


  • Offices;
  • Cafes, bars and restaurants;
  • Business centers and stores;
  • Service centers, garages and washers



In offices equipped with poor stationary heating systems or where doors are frequently opening, so great heat losses occur, affecting thus the employees' health and increasing the expenses for heating.

The reasonable solution of this problem shall be UFO heating system installation. This system, instead of heating the air, heats the employees and the objects around them, which in turn give the heat back.


UFO для бизнеса UFO для бизнеса


Cafés, bars and restaurants

The outdoor restaurants require the opened areas heating, especially in autumn and winter. But the opened air heating with traditional systems is expensive and ineffective.


Equip your outdoor cafй with UFO heating system and enjoy the extended working season and increased profits!


UFO для бизнеса UFO для бизнеса


Business centers and stores

In the premises where windows and doors are opened frequently, big heat losses occur. In the stores and supermarkets where the doors do not close because of the constant customers' traffic or else for the purpose of customers' attraction, the heated air always goes out from the opened doors. The cold makes the people working near doors feel uncomfortable, and the customers try to get all the necessary and leave the place as quickly as possible. And this factor affects the establishment's income.



UFO для бизнеса


Service centers, garages, car washes

Garage problem is cold and dampness odour. UFO light IR heaters solve them both.
UFO heats the premises deeply, eliminates dampness and prevents its re-appearing. Dampness is the vapor concentration in the air, and the odour called "dampness odour" is the odour caused by the invisible microorganisms and bacteria living and propagating in the damp conditions.

UFO prevents microorganisms and bacteria propagation.

UFO heaters are installed in the car washers, because IR heating stimulates expulsion of water.

As for the high efficiency of the heater, it is achieved by directing the warm to particular part of the room, not spreading it right and left. That is why the heater provides the thermal flow of high intensity. (cal./m2) Thus, unlike other systems, UFO provides local and point heating at garages, working facilities and warehouses.


UFO для бизнеса UFO для бизнеса