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Convectors UFO MCH

UFO Конвекторы UFO Electric convectors will heat your space efficiently and will take care of your health in the most natural way.

Due to the moisture protection it can be installed in the bathroom, and programming function will help to set the required mode even for a week ahead.

There is no need to worry that convector will be frosted over in the cold room. The constant anti-freeze function will maintain the convector's temperature at 5°С.

UFO Конвекторы 10 лет гарантии


Model Power
Voltage (V)
Weight (kg) Price (UAH)




1500    220-240~,50Гц   580 х 440 х 105 5,1    645.00




2000  220-240~,50Гц   740 х 440 х 105 6,1   710.00




2500  220-240~,50Гц   1000 х 440 х 105 8,4   840.00



MCH UFO convectors specifications


  • Temperature adjusting and maintenance; anti-freeze protection
  • Overturn protection;
  • Air ionization function;
  • Wheeled platform (the gift from UFO)


Ionization function

Ions are the air vitamins. In natural conditions ionized air can be breathed in coniferous forests, near waterfalls and at the seashore. Due to ionization function UFO convectors shall create the recreative conditions at your home.

Ionization function, used in convectors by UFO only, has a very useful influence on the human health:


  • improves the immune system and vitality;
  • decreases fatigability;
  • provides a healthy sleep;
  • prevents from bacteria and fungi development;
  • Cleans the air
  • Neutralizes the negative impact of household devices



UFO Конвекторы UFO Конвекторы