UFO - выбор года 2010
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Our principles and mission

UFO's Values
We guarantee constant growth, following the principles of respect for the society and environment-friendly technologies, effective work with the full understanding of our liabilities; and for this purpose we try to reach the customers' satisfaction offering them the top quality products and services thanks to our human resources dynamic system, always improving ourselves in the atmosphere of unity and collaboration.


UFO's Rational Approach
We try to satisfy our customers by innovative solutions implementation and up-to-date services provision, which can please our customers absolutely due to the efforts of our highly skilled staff.


UFO's Creative Potential
We must be aware of our customer's changeable needs; position ourselves as being special and different from other companies, owing to our inexhaustible creative potential; offer a wide range of products and diverse opportunities for our clients in order to stimulate their creativity as well as taking into consideration all their needs.


UFO's Reliability
We follow such approach, which enables to establish the prices, quality and after-sales service of our products to the absolute and unconditional satisfaction of our customers; meeting the cooperation requirements of our business partners; assuring fair employment conditions for our team; enabling transparent administration with all legal and environmental requirements observation.


UFO's Partnership
We aim our personnel at teamwork; to consolidate this approach, knowledge and principles of management in order to create the basis necessary for fast and effective decision making.


UFO's Flexibility
We implement our production, sales and marketing strategies, providing for diverse customers' needs, competition conditions and changes in general economical structure.


Our vision
We set goals for years ahead for being chosen by greater number of the people due to the variety of our products and services; active promotion of the company at the international market, for being a step ahead of our competitors and always to lead in research studies, innovations, brand advertising and work efficiency in order to achieve the above goals.