UFO - выбор года 2010
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Anniversary ceremony "Choice Of The Year" was held in National palace of arts "Ukraina" in November 20, 2010. Beau-monde of the capital, business leaders attended this event as well as consumers, since the competition is based directly on the tastes, wishes and chose of the final consumer.


Ukrainian consumer gives preference to those brands that have "Choice Of The Year" medal among wide proposition of products.


"This award is very prestigious for the company. This is another confirmation that we're moving the right way and that the advertising basis that we had chosen reached consumers hearts- Deputy of General Director "UFO" "Yana Romanenko said, - "the slogan "ideal conditions" is not just a marketing background, but the approach of the company to the consumer". The service we provide is almost unique, and gives a wide range and impressive quality of the product and allows the company to become a leader on the Ukrainian market.

"Qualitative development of the company is not only the way to the top, but the keeping of leading position. The company plans both the improvement of the existing products and introduction of new innovative products.


"Choice of the Year " award - is a step in the right direction. First of all this is the appraisal of the correct work of the whole company, of correct actions and right strategy. Goal that is set to the company, - is to become number one in the segment of electrical heaters, " says Sergey Sizonenko - General Director of «UFO», - "The company has a task to create not just a product of high quality for our consumers, but an innovative one as well, so they can experience the joy and inspiration using each product of the UFO product line». "Choice of the Year" medal is a deserved recognition of the company's success. Customers' loyalty to the company's products is growing from year to year.