UFO - выбор года 2010
HomeNewsParticipation of UFO in Chamber COI Event "Carlsberg Beerfest with the Chamber".


It's always such a pleasure to receive appreciation for what you do. It is the sign that the way you're moving is the right one and it encourages you to try harder and to do even more.

So dear UFO colleagues, now there's nothing left to us but to keep being the best, as such a respectable organization as American Chamber of Commerce highly appreciated cooperation with UFO Company.

On the 4 November 2010 American chamber of commerce, a business network, whose goal is to further the interests of businesses, hosted Chamber COI Event "Carlsberg Beerfest with the Chamber".

About 130 CEOs of Chamber Member Companies have gathered to enjoy high-level networking with other Captains of Industry, Ambassadors and guests in an interesting venue with a no hassle atmosphere.


In the letter sent by President Mr. Jorge Zukoski to Member of the Board Mr Baris Ucok it was mentioned that UFO's Sponsorship of the Chamber COI Event "Carlsberg Beerfest with the Chamber" through creation of warm and cozy atmosphere was highly appreciated.