UFO -   2010
HomeNewsThe visit of Otchiy dom educates


The educates of the sponsored children's house "Otchiy dom" came to visit our company on the 15 of December. The aim was not only to get our growing generation acquainted with the company but to give them a possibility to see from the inside the thing they just heard about - the way the whole machine of the company works and how the role of each employee is important. In that way we hope to help them with the choice of their future occupation.


Unfortunately very little attention is paid to this question nowadays even in schools. At the same time such questions as - which direction to chose? what to be? which university to enter? - are very sharp for children at the age of 16-18 years.


The idea to arrange such educative visit to the company appeared during the previous visit to the children's house and communication with the kids. These kids first of all need help in the view of personal development. The main idea was to show these children that you can become successful only by cultivating your abilities and constant self-development, the employees of the company served as a practical examples that proved such statement.


To the question «Why do we do this?" we can only answer that we feel that we have enough force to change something in this world to make it better.