UFO - выбор года 2010
HomeNewsAn article about our company was published in the latest issue of "Companion"


An article about our company was published in the latest issue of "Companion" of 12.17.1910. Business analytical magazine "Companion" covers success experience of the best companies and the most outstanding personalities of the business world.

UFO Company shared its experiences as a unique company for a conservative market of thermotechniques, which built its marketing platform on the basis of innovations.

Today UFO brand has become a common noun for a segment of infrared heaters in Ukraine, and remains number 1 in the market of infrared heaters for another year. Finally, UFO company has received a long-awaited recognition in the form of "Choice of the Year" reward in the category - "Heater of the year." For the company the importance of this victory lies primarily in the recognition of the consumer, since this award is determined by consumers themselves. As noted CEO of UFO company Segrey Syzonenko - first of all, this award is an objective feedback, which is so necessary for the evaluation of our activity.

Also, an extra emphasis was made on the activity of the company during the crisis - The company entered new market segment, namely, the segment of convector heaters, and in the very first year became player number 2 in this market. Due to such successful activity the aim of the company in 2010 is to achieve the leadership - reach number 1position in the market convectors.


UFO Company has no intention to stop at the position achieved but to continue to improve in the areas of effectiveness, safety and economy - in the nearest future the company plans to introduce new products with new configuration and advanced features. More attention will be paid to the product design, since we should not forget that the consumer has the emotional perception of the product.