UFO - выбор года 2010
HomeNewsThe Warmest Congratulations With Christmas!


Children from "Otchiy Dom" came to UFO company to congratulate with The New Year's holidays.


Their celebratory Christmas performance called Vertep has brought family comfort to the company's new office.


It is hard to convey how festive and joyous were greetings, how bright costumes were and how loud the voices of children were. Difficult to express how talented these kids are, such voices are difficult to find even among professional singers. Perhaps among them there are future singers and actors, the pride of our country.



Indelible impression on everybody made a real Christmas Angel. Important and significant adults, as small children tried to touch his wings, so the airy they seemed to be.

Bright colors, glitter, holiday costumes, Christmas songs created atmosphere of celebration and participation in the miracle.


Thank you children and your teachers for the joy you are willing to share with us.

In gratitude for such wonderful compliments, we presented 2 more convector UFO with a function of ionization, we want you to grow in warm, healthy and come to us more often to show your talents, and we will support you.


Knowledge that we are concerned to the creation of such a performance is pleasant,

because our heaters helped to create ideal conditions for development of such talents