UFO - выбор года 2010
HomeNewsThe obvious Safety of UFO infrared heaters is proved!


UFO Company is pleased to announce that the safety of UFO infrared heaters

is confirmed by а successful passed medical research and a report obtained by authoritative public academic medical institutions of Ukraine:


  • Medical Institute of Labour of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine
  • Hygiene Institute and Medical Ecology n.b M.O. Marzeev of Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences.


As a result of UFO products parameters research, reports supporting the possibility of UFO infrared heaters usage as the primary and supplemental heating of residential, office and public spaces were obtained.


At this point in the territory of Ukraine only UFO company has infrared heaters which have passed this kind of researches and received reports. More information about conclusions you can find on the official website of UFO company http://www.ufo.net.ua/sertifikaty/.