UFO - выбор года 2010
HomeNewsUFO is the primary sponsor of the Open Festival of winter fishing from ice!


Last week an Open Festival for winter fishing from ice was held by "Zolotoy Karas'" Fishing Club. UFO Company became the primary sponsor of this competition, as some of its employees are not indifferent to this kind of sport.



It was nice to know out that among the participants there were not only men but also the representatives of weaker sex, but as it came out from the competition they were not so weak, because its representative, Julia Lisakovskaya, won one of the medal places. And every participant received a prize, no matter if he won or lost.

If the only thing that stops you from fishing from ice and participating in such events - is the fear of being frozen, then with such sponsor as UFO you can be not afraid of winter or cold.
Do not let anything to stop you from doing your favourite thing. Do not be afraid to get cold and do not limit yourself, as long as you know that by using UFO heaters, you can create the ideal conditions for yourself in just 30 seconds.



Many thanks to all the participants, who also helped create this wonderful festive atmosphere.