UFO - выбор года 2010
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Marketing department was able to get a master class of chocolate preparation in Belgian chocolate boutique "Osnovny Instinct" as a reward for winning the New Year's contest of departments.



We all love this delicacy, each in its own way - someone in the form of tiles of dark chocolate, someone likes milk chocolate with nuts, while others prefer a cup of hot chocolate. However, we do not really know much about chocolate and the method of its preparation, it turned out to be a very creative and time-consuming process, of course, if we are talking about the hand-made chocolate.


If we talk about chocolate's birth, its birthplace, as well as the home of cacao tree, is Central and South America. In one year one cocoa tree yields harvest, which weights 400 grams in average, that's why the real chocolate is so expensive.


For many centuries chocolate had been used as a beverage - Indians mixed ground and roasted cocoa beans with water and then added red pepper (chilli) in this mixture.

As for Europe's acquaintance with this exotic product: it is considered that Christopher Columbus first brought cocoa beans to King Ferdinand from his fourth expedition to the New World , but no one paid much attention to this because of the large number of other treasures brought by Columbus.


We were very lucky to get into a Belgian chocolate boutique, which is often considered as one of the best chocolate in the world. The variety of species of chocolate can be easily understood even at first sight - so many kinds of sweets were presented at the showcase, which differed from each other by form, filling, color and size.



A real chocolatier, that's the official name of this profession, taught us the tricks of the chocolate cooking. As it turned out, this mastery is full of secrets that are jealously guarded. However, we were completely satisfied with the truffles made as well as chocolate medallions, and marzipan hedgehogs but it is a pity that there were so few of them, we would have shared them with you)))


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