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Today on "Pershyy Dіlovyy" TV channel in the "Healthy Business" program a story about the safety of UFO infrared heaters and the use of them by the rescuers of the Mobile rescue centre of Emergency Situations Ministry of Ukraine was released.


A year ago, UFO company presented 15 UFO infrared heaters to the Mobile rescue centre of Emergency Situations Ministry of Ukraine as a part of its social activities. This unique, dynamic response center operates in the most difficult parts of the world - Pakistan, India, Iran, Turkey and others - will now be able to work without hindrance at subzero temperatures. During the time that UFO infrared heaters are on the public service, they showed themselves as powerful and effective ones, while helping to save lives all over Ukraine.



The feature of UFO infrared heaters, which makes them unique for rescue operations, is their effectiveness even in open space and superfast heating -just in 30 seconds indoors as well as outdoors you'll feel comfortable warmth. Now the work of rescuers will not be compounded by cold and bad weather. According to Sergei Lavrinenko, head of Mobile rescue centre of Emergency Situations Ministry of Ukraine: "These heaters are convenient, powerful and highly mobile in deploying rescue operation. You can deploy and deliver heat to the victim and to the point where the rescuers are working very quickly. We use them, as a rule, in cases of accident, when a man was got caught in a car in winter conditions - we have had 5 or 6 such cases this winter. We use them at various destructions of the houses. For example, we used them in such situation? When there was a gas explosion in a building in Darnitsa - we needed to heat the rescuers.



In addition, infrared heating is safe and even useful. And UFO infrared heaters are the only ones in Ukraine which passed the testing at the Institute of Medicine of labour and the Institute for Hygiene and Medical Ecology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. According to the testing UFO company got the formal opinion with an indication that UFO infrared heaters can be used for main and additional heating of residential, office, public and industrial premises. It is also worth to be mentioned that the technology of infrared heat had originally been used for medical purposes, and abroad, in contrast to us unfortunately, this technology is much more prevalent.