UFO - выбор года 2010
HomeNewsWarm sponsor at the celebration of Maslenitsa festival.


In a cottage complex "Zoloche" the partners of our company -" Alant" became a warm sponsor on behalf of UFO Company at the celebration of Maslenitsa festival beginning.



Maslenitsa festival is a holiday of the winter farewell and the meeting of spring, for many centuries it has preserved the character of folk festival. All the traditions of Maslenitsa festival have an aim are to drive away the winter and wake up the nature from slumber. Pancakes, which have become a traditional attribute of this holiday, have a special deep meaning, representing the sun with ts form and, therefore, the approaching spring and warmth. They are baked every day from Monday, but especially a lot them from Thursday to Sunday. Each housewife has her own special recipe for pancakes, which handed down from generation to generation through the female line.



By tradition, these days' festivals are held throughout the city, people go to each other's homes, games and theatrical performances are organized at the fairs, and our holiday was no exception. There you could hear the performances of folk artists, try bright and various competitions, enjoy hot and delicious pancakes with sweet-scented uzvar or tea. Both adults and children had fun.

With the help of UFO infrared heaters, the only ones which are effective even in open space, all the participants of the holiday, as well as guests and performing folk group had been warmed. Everybody could feel the warmth of the approaching spring with their help,.

Once again we express our gratitude to "Alant" on behalf of UFO Company and on behalf of the organizers of the festival.