UFO - выбор года 2010
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Environmental pollution - is the reality of modern life. The air that we need so much and which we are so dependent of is also polluted. When we talk about air pollution, usually we mean air pollution outside the house - because of the emissions of central heating and power plants, oil refinery plants, exhaust gases from large number of cars.

However, air in the rooms where people stay for long time is much more polluted than the air outside.


To resolve this problem UFO Company developed a complex air purifier UFO-ACC 101 which release starts by early summer 2011. The peculiarity of this air purifier is a multi-system, which includes 4 mechanical cleaning filters, a system of 2 filters of biological treatment system and additional cleaning, which includes an ionizer, an aromatizer and a fumigator.



Filters that are used in UFO-ACC 101 air purifier:

- Primary cleaning filter: stops relatively large particles - dust, animal dander and other. It is cleaned by vacuum cleaner and warm water.
- Preliminary cleaning filter: stops dust. It is cleaned by vacuum cleaner and warm water.
- «HEPA» filter: stops fine particles up to 0.3 micron (1 / 300 the diameter of a human hair) with an efficiency of 99.97%; it filters out allergic agents effectively - pollens, the smallest particles of dust, bacteria, dust mites. It is cleaned by vacuum cleaner and needs to be replaced once a year.
- Carbon filter: stops molecules of harmful gases such as formaldehyde and ammonia; neutralizes odors and tobacco smoke. It is cleaned by vacuum cleaner and washed with warm water, should be replaced once a year.