UFO -   2010
HomeNewsAn article of the General Director Deputy Romanenko Jana called Etichny aspect priyomu na robotu (Ethical aspects of employment)" was issued in the March issue of Pracya I zakon" magazine


"Pracya i zakon" magazine is one of the major periodicals in the field of HR. Its main themes are: issues related to labor law, practice and application of compliance and responses to the questions by HR professionals.



The employees of HR department at UFO have experience to share with their counterparts from other companies because UFO company is unique in Ukraine in the building of relationships between employee and employer. A corporate university "UFO Academy" was formed by the company. Training and development of staff is actively been working over within the corporate university. Trainings are provided on an ongoing basis and not just within the company. Recently, due to the high qualifications of our trainers and a large amount of practical developments, "UFO Academy" the partners who are familiar with high level of personnel of UFO company start to invite our trainers for the training and development of staff.