UFO - выбор года 2010
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We are pleased to announce that UFO Academy began the active provision of training services to the companies which wish to improve the performance of their staff and company profit.

Training provided by Academy is featured by the fact that it is based only on practice and techniques that can help better absorb the material obtained, which is based on the experience of well-known companies.


The main activities of UFO Academy are:

- Staff trainings,
- BTL services and Mystery Shopping.

Among the variety of programs offered the customers will be able to find a solution for businesses which can simply be taken and applied to work and lots of ideas that the coaches will specially adapt to the specifics of the desired direction associated with training and staff development.


Clients and partners of UFO Academy are such companies as Epicentre, Novaya Linia, Foxtrot, Comfy, Praktiker, OBI, Eldorado, Mobilochka, Foksmart, MegaMax, Citycom and Technopolis.

Also the internal corporate university started the official website, where you can find more information about its activities: www.academyufo.com.ua