UFO - выбор года 2010
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Recommendations for usage


First of all it is necessary to pay attention on easiness of heating the room, in other words, to check the quality of heat insulation. If you can heat the room with normal conditions, it means that heat insulation is made well, if not - there are problems with heat insulation.


Well the level of heat insulation is defined, let's get down to selection of UFO device by brochure.


Place: Leaving room;
Area: 20 м2


According to the brochure under normal conditions and good heat insulation of room, two models of UFO are suitable: C/22 or UFO L/23.


If heat insulation is not sufficient enough, the model with higher power should be chosen.


With right choice of the model depending on the concrete conditions (living room, office and so on) and the model electric power consumption will be varying.


For example: If for the heating of 18 m2 area the device with 1800 Watt is used as well as the thermostat, the device will work 8 hours a day in general, that is 1/3 of the day. It is 14,4 kilo Watt a day. Multiply this figure by the cost of 1 kilo Watt, indicated in your bill, you will get the cost of one day of exploitation of device. If the cost of 1 kilo Watt is 0,24 UAH, then exploitation costs of device during 1 day will be: 14,4 x 0,24UAH = 3,46 UAH a day.


If the UFO device is used for heating such places as opened spaces or rooms without sufficient heating insulation, the electrical energy consumption also will be changing depending on model.


Рекомендации по использованию
Рекомендации по использованию


Note: If you are going to use he devise in places mentioned above, please consult with the closest dealer UFO. They will help to choose optimal solution for your particular case.


1. While using radiator you are missing the chance to control the temperature. A radiator firstly heats the upper part of the room, after this at the low part a movement of the cold air is starting. Furthermore, radiator burns the oxygen. In order to heat the room up to 20 C, radiator requires much more energy.


2. Systems of electric floor heating. The temperature begins to fall from the floor to the ceiling. With this system you also can not control the temperature. In addition, installation and operation of such systems require significant resources, so it's impractical in most cases.


3. When using the infrared system, unlike other heating systems heating is going from up to down. Heating is directed, the heat is directed where it is needed. After turning on the heater in 27 seconds full heating is starting. Due to this operating costs are significantly lower. Additional savings are also provided due to the thermostat, which is used to adjust the temperature setting on the device.


When heating closed manufactory area of 1000 m2 with ceiling height of 5 m and the considerable losses of heat, UFO installation systems will cost 20-50 times less and its use - 10-30 times cheaper. When heating religious places, depending on the features of the building and the specifics of the system, installation will cost 50-100 times cheaper, and operating costs while reasonable usage will be reduced by 100-150 times.